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We've completed three days of shooting on principle photography, with three more to go.

Gina Hernandez as Doctor Valerie Young in a single. Paul sits O.C. (off camera) to feed her lines. I like this pic because you can see the setup and how it looks on camera at the same time.

The screen grabs in other posts are darker than the actual footage looks. It's not quite that black.

We've been doing a fair amount of dolly work, so this won't be a static looking film.

Crewman down! Either Nicholls is slumped across his console...or the actor's gotten a look at the shooting schedule...

The flip-up panel to the right of each station is a comm panel.

The main set, now that it's complete, is large and allows for a lot of nice people movement. We try to get cross-action, with people crossing the frame, not just standing at their stations.

It's lonely at the top. Dennis, alone on the Command Deck.
You can see my (Assistant Director's) script and notebook on the floor to the right.

Blocking a shot. I'm playing stand-in for Susan Cirrincione, who plays Lieutenant Commander January Howard. The "third eye" on my forehead was a console button that came loose, which I wore until Gina told me she couldn't take me seriously with it on.
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