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Re: T.H.U.G.S. Get Your CONNOR Fix Here!

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Have fun!

...and, more importantly, get pictures.
You can't take pictures during the play (stop over at House of Tucker and check out the "Connor's in a Play" thread. Pictures from rehearsals, professional reviews and reports from those of us who have been to see it.

Here's what I posted at HOT with some modification:

The cast was wonderful, a terrific ensemble. I got a chance to chat with Joe Spano and Harry Groener. I didn't see Connor and asked Harry, the most recent cast member to emerge, if CT was still upstairs. He said no, that Connor had already come down. I was so disappointed.
My cab was out front so I headed out, and there he was, sitting outside by himself, having a smoke. I said the very clever "there you are," and OMG, he stood up and gave me a HUG! We chatted about the play and I mentioned I flew in from NYS, which surprised him. He's really enjoying doing the play. I was going to ask how his injured finger was healing, but I decided not to bother because it's still taped up (one of his fingers was dislocated during a fight scene).

At the very end of Connor's professional bio in the playbill is this very sweet notation: "Love to A & J." Every time I thought about it on the way back to my hotel I just smiled. It's one of the things I so admire about him: He keeps his feet on the ground and remains devoted to his wife and son.
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