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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

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I'm not a big fan any sort of Alfred backstory: Alfred works best when he's just a Damn Good Butler.
Even since the beginning (aside from the very early issues that kind of played him as a comedic foil), he's been called on to aid and heal and at times even physically defend Bruce/Bats. He would lay down his life for him. I think an intelligence officer, soldier or combat medic back story makes a lot of sense for an Alfred who would have been of age during WW1 or WW2 in England when any able-bodied man would have been called to war. Does the post-crisis Alfred have the same back story as he did when I was a kid? I haven't read more than the occasional Batman comic in decades...
I don't mind him having been in the war-- like you said, he's the right age-- but the MI6/SAS/whatever it was in The Dark Knight stuff always seemed fairly pointless.

I don't like "tough guy" Alfred, but "capable" Alfred suits me just fine. He's never been just a "serve the tea" kind of butler, he's Bruce's friend, ally and in many ways a mentor and second father.
These are all things a Damn Good Butler should do...
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