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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

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Yeah this would have been the perfect chance to put him in a black movie-ish Bat-Suit, which would have made me interested.
But they more or less did that, years ago, when Bruce Wayne came back at the end of the Prodigal storyline - he had a full black bodysuit, cape, mask, boot, gloves, everything except the utility belt and chest symbol. And as we've seen from the abortive attempt to stick the comic-book X-Men in black leather, what works well on film doesn't necessarily translate in a comic book (and indeed, vice versa).
I don't remember that. Are you talking about when he lost the trunks? That still looked gray to me. I think that the all black would work just fine, the problem is that Bat-fans would lose their mind, kinda like how Spidey fans lost theirs. The X-Men have basically modified their uniforms to be a cross between the two, no? However, I freely admit I dislike greatly the whole concept of mutants and the X-Men.
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