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Re: What did you love or didn't love about TWOK

I've never been a fan of TWoK.

Khan is a complete idiot - the "superior" man with his "superior" intellect who'd raved on about wanting to go to a new world (rather than the prison option he was also offered), whining because the Federation didn't run around checking up on him and his cronies every five minutes. His motive is infantile rather than credible. It was his choice to go to Ceti Alpha V. Not Kirk's, or anyone else's. His. The Federation was under no obligation to babysit Khan and co. Yet there Khan is, the supposedly superior human whining like a child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket because he doesn't get what he wants.

The magical Genesis device. Designed to transform an existing planet, it's detonated in a nebula and somehow makes a planet. (Which, of course, leads to the protomatter stupidity in TSFS, one of the few things I dislike about that movie.) Absolute drivel.

Chekov (and we'll ignore the fact he wasn't in "Space Seed" since the movie's writers did, too) supposedly knew Khan and co were in the Ceti Alpha system...and yet he said nothing. Not even to his captain. No word to anyone about these dangerous superhumans the Enterprise dropped off there back in the day. As if that isn't bad enough, there's the stupidity of the Reliant's crew apparently not being able to count or to read a star chart. A planet in the system - a system Chekov, a former navigator, has supposedly been to in the past - has been destroyed and they didn't notice? I know the Enterprise crew is always being depicted as the best and brightest in Starfleet but are the crews of other ships really so incompetent that they can't manage to tell a planet in a known system isn't there any more?

Other examples of character stupidity include McCoy - of all people - being too dumb to check out whether those eel things Chekov mentioned were still in Chekov and Terrell, and Kirk racing to check out a potentially serious situation at a super-secret Starfleet warp 5 (guess he was really concerned about it).

The score is terrible. Dull, dull, dull. The fact Horner basically repeated it for TSFS and Aliens makes it even worse.

There isn't much I like about TWoK, basically. To each their own but it's always struck me as very overrated.
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