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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

I love Countdown. Bring back Voderman! And exhume Richard Whitely's grave, none of this Jeff Sterling crap!

Where was I? I love Countdown. Enterprise did a good job from Azatzi Prime onwards, really, of ramping up the tension, so The Council, Countdown and, to some extent, Zero Hour is the culmination of that. Sure, there were one or two hiccups along the way that didn't help the momentum that, and sure, I probably 'cheated' by watching season 3 for the first time on DVD, which I whipped through quite quickly (and thus glossing over some of the shite).

What I want to say, in a very roundabout way, is that season 3 of ENT was some of the best Trek I'd seen since DS9. It was by no means perfect - the season had two episodes that easily rank in ENT's bottom five. It was just good to give the show a bit of a direction. A shame, yes, that the direction didn't include much of the type of politics we had in season 4, but it was a vast improvement over the first two seasons, and probably on a lot of Voyager too.

Degra was a brilliantly sympathetic character. One that we really should have had no sympathy for after all those deaths, but nevertheless his self-hatred, and strong desire to do right by his family was more endearing than any of the main crew this season!

I of course put up my season 3 opinions before GodBen gets to Zero Hour and *that* ending. *runs for the hills*
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