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I like to think of Season 3 as a commentary on the War on Terror, and how it should've played out. We can contrast what really happened to how Archer and co. handled it, and maybe feel a little embarrassed.
...this is the stupidest thing I've ever read.
Bones, there is a wondrous variety of ways to disagree with an opinion without being disagreeable. The Mannerly Art of Disagreement has many useful suggestions. You might consider trying a few. It would make the atmosphere of the forum so much more pleasant for your fellow members.
I'm sorry, you're quite right.
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Heathen barbarians! You don't have "Countdown"? How do your elderly and unemployed waste their afternoons?
Come now, that's no way to talk about Jeff Stelling.

(Obviously, that would have been funnier if I could still use Vorderman, Whitely, or either of the Deses, but...well, needs must.)
I keep getting banned. If it happens again to the point of no return (and you miss me so much that you're off your food), I can still be found among the cool dudes of the Anorak Zone:
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