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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
Not too keen on the new costume for Batman. People complain that the shorts look like underwear, so they give him a suit that looks like longjohns (complete with flap!!!!) hahahahahahahaha

Anyone else see Christian Bale in Frank's Bruce Wayne?

Badass Alfred (with a tat and ripped arms) leaves me cold.
I didn't really agree with your statement when I read it over on Newsarama, far as the new costume goes, I'm just glad to see the yellow circle come back. I didn't like it much as a lad, but ever since Frank Miller explained it in The Dark Knight Returns, I've thought it was a great idea, and besides, it breaks up the monotony of all that black and grey. Also, the redesign looks functional without being all one colour, like the movie suits have been.

Don't really see Christian Bale in this Bruce Wayne design either (if anything, he looks like a Paul Gulacy drawing, which is no bad thing). I'm kind of with you on the Alfred thing, but let's face, Pennyworth has looked more or less the same since he stopped being fat back in the 40s, and more than anything else, this Alfred redesign tells you immediately that this is a different take on things.

Joy To The World wrote: View Post
Yeah this would have been the perfect chance to put him in a black movie-ish Bat-Suit, which would have made me interested.
But they more or less did that, years ago, when Bruce Wayne came back at the end of the Prodigal storyline - he had a full black bodysuit, cape, mask, boot, gloves, everything except the utility belt and chest symbol. And as we've seen from the abortive attempt to stick the comic-book X-Men in black leather, what works well on film doesn't necessarily translate in a comic book (and indeed, vice versa).
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