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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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I agree that a throwaway line about interference making the translator unreliable would have made Uhura's role worthwhile.
Ya. The line "Captain, we're being hailed!" is light years ahead of anything the original Uhura ever did in the prime timeline. Heck, she even took command of the Enterprise and saved the day one time. Being confined to a station where she states the obvious that everyone else can do is... screw it.

I state it here right now that as long as Uhura's role is restricted to a comms officer, she will never be more than what she was. Being romantically involved with Spock does not add to her character. Take the Transporter room scene for instance.

"I'll be monitoring your frequencies."

Yes, the lady sees the men off so they can do their manly things while she stays behind and does NOTHING useful but run back into the Transporter room when Spock and crew beams back up.
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