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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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This contrivance in Trek was pretty daft though. If somebody was able to teach Uhura Romulan then the universal translator would be able to translate it. If the translator goes on the blink then maybe... but otherwise any officer could have done Uhura's job.
Thank you for this. And how much different is Vulcan compared to Romulan anyways? Heck, I can tell Chinese and Japanese apart as well as Spanish to French. If he knows the Vulcan language but can't distinguish it from Romulan, he should still be able to understand what they are saying. It's like he knows what 1+1 is, but he doesn't know what 1+2 is. And if he doesn't understand the Vulcan language, than why the heck was he given that job in the first place?

Lesson to writers. If you're going set up a character's skills and traits as important elements to that character, give the characters a scene where they actually put them to good use. Having Uhura say she knows all three dialects of Romulan is one thing, but when you suddenly throw us Romulans who speak perfect english, what was the point? Using that to give her a spot on the bridge doesn't enhance her character, it just shows that you made her position completely pointless and unneeded.
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