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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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Actually, she was on the bridge because she could tell the difference between Vulcan and Romulan communications by ear, and the official communications officer couldn't. Pike put her in his place after that came to light after Kirk dragged her up to corroborate his wild-ass giant Romulan theory.
Yes - until TMP, there was never any official acknowledgment that any of the secondary crew were department heads, or even that helm, navigation, or communications have department heads. The Enterprise in TNG didn't have a chief science officer either.

Blockbuster movies often avoid logic in favour of drama and I find it annoying most of the time. Like in 2012 where unqualified staff run all the way from the bridge to the bulkhead section to save main characters instead of just getting one of any number of qualified engineer who must have been closer to the location to do it and leading to the death of at least one person. In addition, characters wasted several minutes telling each other how much they loved each other, which also contributed to deaths. I don't really approve of stupid, selfish behaviour being rewarded when being more professional and thinking of others first would have saved more lives.

This contrivance in Trek was pretty daft though. If somebody was able to teach Uhura Romulan then the universal translator would be able to translate it. If the translator goes on the blink then maybe... but otherwise any officer could have done Uhura's job.
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