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Re: Season 3 Blu-Ray: December 15

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I wonder if they will release a blu ray collection of the Animaited Series. I think they should, since it is part of TOS crew.
I haven't opened my TOS S2 set yet, although if "More Tribbles, More Troubles" is indeed in HD, then that might be possible.

I also like to see blu ray versions of TNG series as well.
That, OTOH, will NOT be possible. Not without redoing all the editing and effects (which were done on videotape) from scratch.

The next Trek series to come out on Blu-Ray will probably be Enterprise, which was made from the get-go to be airable in HD.
On Season 2 the disc that has Trouble with Tribbles, they do have the episode from The Animaited Series More Tribbles More Troubles on it as well an episode from DS9 too. I have watched the whole dvd set expepet for the special features. Anyways I cant wait for season 3 which is only a week away. I like to see my other favorite episodes on there as well watch the others I havent seen in long time.
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