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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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But I'm assuming you were talking about a theoretical "TNG-Remastered" release on Blu-ray. IF this ever happens, the original episodes WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.
Says who? The fact that you put "WILL NOT BE INCLUDED" in all caps does not make it any more of a fact. You don't know what would or would not be included anymore than I do. Blu-ray certainly has enough capacity to store both the original and upgraded episodes on the same discs.
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Nor is there any moral argument that says they should be.
Well, no, we're talking about a home video release of a TV show here. So I don't think there's any moral component. But from an artistic standpoint, I believe that the originals should continue to be made available. And by "made available" I don't mean in a format that you can find on eBay if you dig around enough. I mean that they should continue to be released in the current format of the day alongside whatever "enhanced" editions are released.
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