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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

While I have made some more progress, it isn't worth posting the images - I replaced the aforementioned accidentally deleted deck plates, and I started work on C-deck. Unfortunately, it is where the structure above the saucer starts, so I need to define that properly in order to build C-deck itself. During the cleanup for the Thanksgiving Festivities, my drafting scales got mis-filed, so I need to locate them in order to read off the proper positioning for that structure. I'm taking a few weeks vacation - both from work and away from my CAD system - for Christmas, so I'll likely not finish C-deck until January (though stay tuned, I may find the time before I take off). A-C decks will be (relatively) fast once I have things measured out, and then I can wrap up the basic rough-in of this ship.
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