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Re: WIP - Prospero Class

RichMerk wrote: View Post
O'KRisMAs 3 wrote: View Post
Well here's a rough concept of the direction I think would be more aesthetically pleasing. I just subbed Miranda's saucer and nacelles with Daedalus's, so the gap in tech is obvious, but you get the idea.
Heh, I never thought of that. Still... a little too "modern". The Daedalus always struck me as cylindrical, and this is too flat.

Ar-Pharazon wrote: View Post
You could round out the back end kinda like the 1701's fantail. Assuming the Daedalus had any kind of shuttle bay on it.
I'm using the pictures in the Starfleet Museum as reference, and it's got a shuttle bay in those. I'm not quite sure I know what you mean by fantail... Which curve are you refering to?

I think he meant having a shuttle bay in the Enterprise style. your model in the first post had no shuttle bay at all. . .
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