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Re: I don't quite like Abrams' attitude

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It isn't every novelist. "My Brother's Keeper" novels show nothing of a young handful. In fact, I've NEVER read a Kirk as a young handful.
Thats one interpretation, that doesn't make yours any more right.
This sentence makes no sense.

All those novels are bad novels, and whether or not they exist or not, changes nothing of how bad Trek XI is.
LOL, "those novels are bad automatically because they conflict with a few lines from a pilot early in the series!" Real mature attitude there.

Have any examples or proof of this?

You're actually asking for examples or proof of a story that hasn't been told?

There's no examples and proof, only an understanding of how a certain character might or might not act.

A serious, by the book person, a walking stack of books, a brainiac, and even geek, is perfectly capable of breaking a rule and "cheating" if something is wrong and it needs to be set right, and even if it's their personal sense of right and wrong.

A by the book person who does not believe there is such a thing as a no-win scenario, and believes it is a defeatist attitude that will cost lives, would be exactly be the person to cheat to show this very thing.

Some brash hot head, in fact, is more likely to just say, "Fuck it, man" and move on, then cheat on a test he couldn't win anyway.

LOL, conjecture. Also, if you think TOS Kirk was grim, you haven't met many grim people in real life. The only instances where Kirk seemed at all like that were when the scenerio called for it.
You'll never find Kirk laughing his way through a threat. Maybe that's not grim, but he most definitely is serious.

Frankly, that sounds like a quitter's attitude from people who think they know TOS when they couldn't be any more clueless.

In your opinion. I've never seen a single valid counter to the argument that Star Trek XI has depth by detractors other that an, "lol nuh uh!" Seriously, not a single one.

Let's see; there's no growth in any of the characters. They're the same in the beginning as they are at the end.

The sheer amount of plot-holes exist solely to keep whatever there is of a story as flimsy thin and ongoing as possible. A cadet, for example, being the only one to detect the fight between the Narada and the Klingons, and not telling it to Starfleet command, so they can have the convoluted bull that is Kirk "figuring out the trap" despite there being no trap, let alone that his figuring out makes any sense whatsoever, and put him on the bridge. If there was even the remotest hint of depth in this movie, there would have been others who picked it up, or Uhura would have told those above her, which would have meant that Pike already knew all about it.

The plot is nothing but; newest villain and his doomsday weapon.

Anything that might have brought some depth to it; like the destruction of Vulcan, is glossed over near immediately as if it barely even happened. Nobody seems to give a care one way or the other; thus eliminating any depth the destruction of a planet might have bring to the movie.

Thus, there is nothing there, not a bit.

Which leads me to fire the question right back at you; where is all this depth you speak of? Those who have claimed depth have never once brought anything up that's actually depth.

Why aren't they examples? Because you say so? You haven't shown jack shit besides just how ignorant and immature the detractors can be.
Oh, yes, that's really helpful... not.

Ok, so you agree the episode has no message and that any depth it has is what we take from it, right?
Nope. All depth it has, is what it has.

Who says? Again, the Tribbles episode is one of the most popular episodes, yet its plot isn't all that deep. You haven't offered a valid reason as to why the new movie had to have some pretentious message in order to be good.
BECAUSE THE REBOOT, THE NEW START! That means the new reboot should be showing people what Star Trek is all about, and what's so good about it.

Plothole-ridden SFX fest is NOT what's good about Star Trek.

In your, minority, opinion. I constantly see people bitch about this episode.
I haven't, but eh, you mush see different people than I do.

Also, don't presume to condscend to me, son. I know damn well what that episode was about. Nothing groundbreaking to be frank.
What is it about then in your opinion?

Again, this is a minority opinion. Most people I've encountered don't care for this episode.
Once again; must be different people than I know.

Excuse me for not wanting to be talked down to by a TV show. People have it beaten into their heads that racism is bad since they're in kindergarden. Either they'll listen or they won't. Again, its hard to take this episode seriously considering how ridiculously they presented its message.
You see, the whole point is, that there are LARGE amounts of people who HAVE NOT had it beaten into their heads that racism is bad. And that number was much higher back in the 60s. Those who do not listen, are exactly those people who black on the left, and black on the right might be the one thing that gets through to them.

Nobody ever did that, but eh, miss represent people's words, it's such a great thing to blacken people, isn't it?
I know several people who have said just that on this forum.

Because last time I checked, it was about lacking depth, and not a message.

And all of them, were great stories and drama, and concisely written plots, instead of plothole ridden piles of shit, with more plotholes in one four minute season, than entire movie series have across all their movies.
Again with the, "la la la I can't hear you!" mentality. If you really think every ep of TOS was golden then you're simply blind. TOS was a brilliant, groundbreaking series, but it had a shit load of flaws.
Exactly where did I say that every ep of TOS was golden? Nowhere, not even close. Which makes this you "La la la, I refuse to hear what you wrote, I'll just fill in there what I want to hear."

There were some seriously bad episodes of TOS, not a one of them, can even come anywhere in the neighborhood of near of close to the sheer horrifying badness that is Trek XI. I've never seen a movie as bad as Trek XI, EVER, and that's without taking into account it's supposed to be a Star Trek movie. With it...
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