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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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One would think that a Cadet would inform their superior officer of such a discover particularly when a single Romulan vessel manages to destroy 47 Klingon ships. No wonder Narada was able to attack Vulcan so one was informed of it until it was too late.
To recap, it's a simple thing to read between the lines of the dialogue quoted above and to see that her superior officer was informed, after which Uhura was sent home for the remainder of her scheduled shift, and that there was nothing in the intercepted transmission which mentioned a Romulan vessel (or, apparently, any vessel at all besides those 47 Klingon craft which were destroyed.)
Didn't Pine ask her with a swollen tongue if the ship was Romulan, to which she replied 'Yes'? So she knew it was a Romulan ship.
Okay, you've got me there, but it's not established that she knew at the time of her entrance into the Kirk/Gaila/Uhura scene, freshly dismissed from her work shift -- there's no mention of it in that scene. Some time passed (Kobayashi Maru simulation, Academy review panel, mobilization of cadets, Kirk unconscious, etc.) before Kirk comes to confront Uhura with the question.

Is it possible that parts of the transmission were originally garbled and not rendered intelligible until hours later, when Uhura was not present? Could Uhura have been doing that clean-up task herself in the time since she boarded the Enterprise? Finally, even if it was known relatively early that a Romulan vessel was responsible, there was apparently no useful information about which vessel it was and it was still Kirk who put together that reported attack and the "lightning storm in space" detail to draw a parallel to the events in which the Kelvin was destroyed and his father killed. It's an intuitive leap, to be sure, and not a 100% accurate conclusion (the "lightning storm" in this case marked OldSpock's arrival, not that of Narada, though Narada was in fact already present and waiting near the wormhole exit's coordinates) but Pike's earlier speech in the bar scene touches upon the aptitude shown by Kirk's father in making such leaps, and upon Kirk's similar aptitude.

Could this have been written more neatly? Probably so, but I'm not seeing it as a glaring flaw, nor as evidence of a wilful act on Uhura's part to withhold crucial information from superiors, which was where the OP's post seemed to be coming from.

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Women in refrigerators. Its a comic book thing. Female characters have a strange habit of dying, getting depowered and crippled.
Even though the idea has been around for a few years now, I seem to be hearing about it a lot more often just within the last year.
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