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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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Whenever some crew had to leave the bridge in TNG a bunch of extras would rappel in from the ceiling, unasked, to fill their stations.
I always assumed that, given starships operate largely without the ability to call extra crew in to work, had assumed that all major posts had at least two people assigned to man them at any given time. One at the actual post, and one on-call, able to be called in by a single button-press on a console, just in case someone was injured, or had to take a leak or something.
Uhura's position is akin to TNG's ops as well as external communications so she is doing a lot of tweeting in the background. I'm sure she would have tweeted for a repalcement before she left her post. I mean they must have some process in place for tea breaks and toilet breaks too.

The issue for me is that she sneaked away from her post without permsisson for purely personal reasons. I really liked the scene but original Uhura was a good officer and one of the few women that didn't go weak at the knees when a man came by. It worked for this scene but I don't think that the modern version should start down this path and be girlier than the original (no offence intended to girls here - I mean this in the sixties context where the women were at the mercy of their emotions and could barely function as officers half the time without a slap from Kirk to bring them back to their senses)
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