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Re: Michael Eddingtonnnnn....

I don't get this hate towards Eddington. He used disguise and pretense like Tuvok or Odo in order to win hopeless battles like Kira, often making fools of Starfleet like Kirk did. Sure, he was on the other side - the non-hero side and, perhaps more importantly, the losing side. But that never stopped the fans from cheering for villains like Khan or Harry Mudd or Lore. And in the end, he probably achieved more than any of those fellow evildoers, raising the Maquis movement to prominence and basically eliminating Starfleet or the Cardassians as a threat to it. The movement got what it wanted, that is, sovereign control of the colonies, until the Dominion came, saw and annihilated. What could be more to our liking than a successful villain?

Timo Saloniemi
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