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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Majewski is a damn good player - he ran the show against us last month. I doubt Dawson will be going anywhere after his recent performances though so you'll have to settle for Shorey, who would probably be a good acquisition for you. He's getting nothing at Villa and has little chance of playing outside of an injury crisis. Bale... you just plain don't want Bale. I've always seen him as being from the same school of defending as Glen Johnson and Jose Bosingwa - good attacker, average defender for 9/10 games.

Happily though, Billy D has consistently announced he doesn't want promotion this year, so we can overtake you again soon... maybe. Damn this clogged up division - I was hoping Watford would beat QPR last night... until I realised too late winning put Watford level on points with Cardiff! Honestly, how did that happen (other than City's inability to beat any teams lower than 15th)? Watford are 6th with a goal difference of MINUS 2!

I liked this open division better when we were top of it It's epic.
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