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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

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JMS is too focused on the "grit" and keeping it "real"; that's the last thing Superman needs in my opinion. Superman should be a story about wonder and optimism; something to aspire to. I don't want to see the big S dragged down to our level.
I don't know that I agree with that. His Thor was pretty heavy on very epic/classical stuff.
I didn't read but just the first half dozen issues or so. The parts I read were focused on inserting Norse mythology into the "real world" at the cost of Thor's grand Marvel mythology; he even dumped Asgard in the midwest so that we could get the added story of slack jawed hicks pointing their finger at it. It's the kind of disconnect I expect from JMS; after all, this is the man who was handed Spider-man and said, "Great opportunity for a serious book about sorcery and the occult!"

Rising Stars was pretty good; I won't deny that. But I believe the comics strategy for JMS after that has seen him trying too hard in my opinion. By that, I mean that he's overdone trying to be different; overshot the mark instead of keeping his eye on what he has. That's why I think he may be better off keeping to his own creations; I believe he can no longer wrap his head around playing in universes other people built. In fact, I think that having a property with an established history is seen as a challenge to him; he walks in thinking he has to make it different from everything the character is or else he's failed his job.

So I think he'll write Superman...and it won't be Superman. That's just not something I'm looking for; if I'm buying something with "Superman" on the cover, I'm expecting something with things I'll recognize. If I didn't want that, I would be buying something with an original title I had never seen before. That is where Geoff Johns "gets it" and JMS doesn't; Johns gave us everything we would expect from a Superman story and made it fresh and exciting while doing it.
It is interesting, because the article has JSM quoted as saying that he has no intentions to recreate the character to just leave his mark on it. I have no reason to believe otherwise. However, I wonder what he considers "not leaving his mark" means to him.
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