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^My eyes start to strain when reading on an LCD screen pretty quickly, even just reading around the board here can make my eyes hurt after a little while, so I think that eInk is wonderful technology that I am excited to use in the future when prices come down or I get some money.
Really, I never have that problem and I use a computer all day everyday for years. I wonder how much of the population is the same way?
I don't know, I would tend to think it has something to do with age but I'm only 23, I've been using computers all my life and use them everyday at work and school. But if I spend all day on it I tend to get headaches. We actually got an HD LCD tv a while ago and I ended up moving it out of the living room because watching it for too long gave me headaches.

I know some others around me don't like reading on LCD screens either, but I don't know if they necessarily get headaches.
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