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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura--Nitpicking Time

Jeri wrote: View Post
It started when I used the multi-quote feature...
Try looking just below the text-entry box on the Reply to Thread screen. Do you see something which reads "You have selected 1 post that is not part of this thread. Quote this post as well, or deselect this post"? If so, clicking on "deselect this post" should clear that up.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Something has been nagging me since seeing the the scene with Uhura talking to Gaila and Kirk hiding under the bed she mentions she was in the communications room and monitored a battle between 47 Klingon battlecruisers and a Romulan vessel.
There was no mention in that scene of a Romulan vessel, only that "a Klingon armada was destroyed - 47 ships."

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Now one would think this would merit immediately informing her superiors about a major space battle involving two bordering space powers but instead no one finds out about this until later onboard Enterprise when Kirk brings it up to Pike and Spock and Uhura confirms her discover.
Not so. Examine the dialogue:
UHURA: Strangest thing... I was in the long range sensor lab.
GAILA: Yeah, I thought all night...
UHURA: I was tracking solar systems and I picked up an emergency transmission.
GAILA: Really?
UHURA: Yeah. From a Klingon prison planet.
UHURA: Yeah. A Klingon armada was destroyed, 47 ships.
GAILA: So, you're not going back to the lab tonight?
UHURA: Gaila, who is he?
GAILA: Who's who?
UHURA: The mouth-breather hiding under your bed.
Note in particular the underlined parts. Uhura was scheduled for an all-night shift, but returned to her quarters early, which strongly suggests that she did, in fact, report the emergency transmission to her superior and was then dismissed.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
One would think that a Cadet would inform their superior officer of such a discover particularly when a single Romulan vessel manages to destroy 47 Klingon ships. No wonder Narada was able to attack Vulcan so one was informed of it until it was too late.
To recap, it's a simple thing to read between the lines of the dialogue quoted above and to see that her superior officer was informed, after which Uhura was sent home for the remainder of her scheduled shift, and that there was nothing in the intercepted transmission which mentioned a Romulan vessel (or, apparently, any vessel at all besides those 47 Klingon craft which were destroyed.)
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