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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura--Nitpicking Time

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Something has been nagging me since seeing the the scene with Uhura talking to Gaila and Kirk hiding under the bed she mentions she was in the communications room and monitored a battle between 47 Klingon battlecruisers and a Romulan vessel. Now one would think this would merit immediately informing her superiors about a major space battle involving two bordering space powers but instead no one finds out about this until later onboard Enterprise when Kirk brings it up to Pike and Spock and Uhura confirms her discover. One would think that a Cadet would inform their superior officer of such a discover particularly when a single Romulan vessel manages to destroy 47 Klingon ships. No wonder Narada was able to attack Vulcan so one was informed of it until it was too late.

She did inform her superiors, which is why she got off duty early. She discovered the message, translated it, reported it, and then was sent home so someone with higher clearance could continue to monitor the situation. This was implied very subtly to me anyway.

And then later, on the Enterprise, when this information comes out on the bridge Pike was surprised that a Cadet knew this information and asks "how do you know this?" Not "what happened? When was this?". He obviously knew about it, being Captain of the Flag Ship.

The one who is to blame, for not putting two and two together, is Pike. He wrote his dissertation on the Kelvin and the whole "lightning storm in space" thing doesn't ring any bells for him? And knowing about this Klingon fleet being destroyed by a lone Romulan vessel doesn't make him wonder if this could all be related?

No wonder they took the Enterprise away from him and gave it to Kirk!

Love this movie, going to go home and watch it again.
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