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Re: 47 Klingon Ships and Uhura

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She probably did inform her superiors about the message.
And should get fired for that.
She should get fired for informing her superiors about a major space battle between two powers? (Edit: Ooooops.)

I mean, Galia assumed that Uhura was going to be in the sensor lab all night. Therefore, I assume that once she picked up the message, her superiors came in a took over the lab to analyze the situation, and had all the cadets leave.

Problem solved.
Apparently, neither the First Officer nor the Commanding Officer of the FLAGSHIP knew about an incident of 1 Romulan ship destroying 47 Klingon ships (that might have been worth an immediate briefing, not?). A cadet who wasn't even supposed to be there had to bring it up and connect the dots, and then Uhura said like "Oh yeah, right, there was this thing yesterday."

And nobody connected the dots between giant ship destroying 47 ships and Vulcan being mysteriously attacked. Today's world works like: "Oh, there has been an accident, it might be a terrorist attack until further evidence suggests otherwise." Future's world would connect a battle in the Neutral Zone to an attack on Vulcan fairly quickly.
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