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Re: DC Announces Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One!

This seems...odd. Isn't DC producing a Superman origin story right now? And they are going to do it again next year? I realize one will be in continuity and another not, but it doesn't seem like Superman-Earth One is going to be too radically different from the mainstream title. It seems like a strange move, especially since this doesn't seem to be going to series the way the Ultimate titles did.

EDIT: I re-read the article and I saw the note that they are planning to release two graphic novels a year, so it is going to series in a sense. Still, seems odd timing to me somehow.

JSM wrote:
(True story: I was at Chicago Comic-Con a number of years ago, standing in the dealer's room, when some guy grabbed a bunch of expensive items off a table and made a run for it down the aisle, being chased by the owner of the table. Everybody in the aisle did a fast fade, parting before this guy like the Red Sea. I brought the mofo down and the two of us held him for the police. The con organizer later came up to me and said, "Why'd you do that? He was half your age and twice as big, you could've been hurt." I pointed to where I'd been standing, in front of a ten-foot-tall cutout of Superman. "How could I stand under that, in front of him, and do nothing?" I said.)
I remember that! I was turning around a corner when I saw him tackle the guy. I had no idea what was going on until a dealer told me later. The dealer said it was JSM and I didn't buy it until I looked in the program book and saw his picture.

JSM wrote:
If there's anything that is signified by trade-waiting, it's that we need to write better stories.
I'd say it is more the price. 3 or 4 dollars for a 22-30 page comic is way, way too much.
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