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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

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She doesn't know it, but when I hand my wife a story I've written and ask her what she thinks, if her first words are something like, "Well, it was interesting", I put that story back into the heap and work on something else.

In this case, though, I'll take it as a compliment...
Yeah, sorry, I don't mean to imply anything other than a compliment. I'm just not the sort to gush.

and ... well, let me show you:

For some reason, your images aren't showing up in the thread proper, but I'm able to see them by copy-and-pasting the addresses.

So here we see Cleo's Needle (this version at least) missing that "smudge pod". The opening is a suggestion for a small hatch that connects the ship to the pod. During normal operation, the hatch is open and feeds from the pod's antimatter supply fit through it on a retracting umbilical and connect to the reactor. During an emergency, the umbilical retracts, the hatch closes, and the entire pod unlatches and accelerates away on small thrusters.

Perhaps normally on this class of ship, a small shuttle pod is docked to this spot. Or maybe that's an opening for supplies. Or maybe the manufacturer intended this to be a convenient location for job-specific modules depending on the customer's requirements.

That would make this type of ship a natural choice for Picard when he spec'd out the mission; make some changes to the blueprints for an existing design and then have the ship built to spec. The manufacturer then only has to figure out how to fit the extra antimatter supply into a custom mission module.
Nice ideas. And good work on the detailing.
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