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Re: Logos, logos and some more logos...

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It might help if we saw some examples of the old and new logos.
Right. This is what the new one should look like.

The Axeman wrote: View Post
I have to say I was never a fan of B5, it looked cheap & nasty next to the $1,000,000 an episode TNG. I caught some of an episode of it on Sky last night, and it just reconfirmed my opinion of it.

Still, I was shocked at how little B5 stuff still remains on the internet. When I was asked to make that B5 wallpaper I thought it would be the work of 2 minutes to download the models and set up the scene. Lightwave 3D made it's name doing the visuals for Bab-5 and there was always a ton of related models and stuff online for it. Now it's rare to find any decent models or info, so much so that when I reopened my model site I made sure that all my mates B5 stuff was put up first.
Kenny, I had no idea you'd be so shallow to judge a show by it's production values and effects! Some of the best shows ever made had wobbly cardboard sets and some slightly naff acting.
As far as the CG goes, yeah the early stuff is very ropey but it comes in leaps and bounds over time. So much so that by the end of the 3rd or 4th season Star Trek had poached their people and made the switch from models to CG. It might be worth keeping in mind that the early early stuff was all rendered on a bunch of old Amigas. If I remember it right, the idea at the time was that they could either spend x-amount on one or two really powerful (circa 1994) machines or on a bunch of not so powerful, but can collectively whack out more footage at a time.

If you really want to see some (more or less) up to date CG have a look at this little clip. Mind you, youtube's resolution doesn't do it much justice.

Still however cheep it might have looked, B5's real strength was in it's characters and story, something Trek had increasing problems with, no matter how pretty it looked.
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