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Re: Why wasn't there a music video of 'Sabatoge' filmed?

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I would like to have seen a new music video of 'Sabotage' filmed with the Beastie Boys in it dressed in Starfleet uniforms and with occasional clips from the movie seen throughout-just like a lot of music videos featuring songs from a film as seen in the '80's!

Examples include:

Eurythmics-Sex Crime (1984)

The Pointer Sisters-Neutron Dance(Beverly Hill Cop)

The Heat Is On [Beverly Hills Cop] - Glenn Frey

Cyndi Lauper - Goonies 'R' Good Enough(The Goonies)

U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me(Batman Forever)

Paul McCartney - Spies Like Us(Spies Like Us)

And best of all, Star Trek would have got a MTV MVA for Best Song From A Movie (Based On A Movie) and the Beastie Boys would have seen their song get popular again-because it was in a popular movie!

Good idea, or bad idea?
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As usual, a grouch. What else is new?

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Maybe they didn't have time or the right people but I think a music video for the film would have been a good idea like Nickleback did one for Spider-Man.
That's the spirit!

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I would probably have to feign outrage, but I think I would've actually gotten a bit of a giggle out of a new, Trekified Beastie Boys video.
Not a big fan to start with, but the idea would've lent itself to all sorts of fun visuals.
Hey, at least you understand it.
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