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Girls who literally kick butt.

Here's a hardcore woman's fight. Barb wire on the ring ropes, flouresent light bulbs, trashcans, folding chairs, and so on. These fights can get pretty nasty looking at times, so if ya got a weak stomach, you might not wanna click. Part 1 Part 2
The winner of that fight in this fight, taking on a man, and a rather big man, I might add.
These girls could take the so-called 'talent' Vince McMann has and so them really how to do it. These 2 proove girl wrestlers can both wrestle with skill, unlike WWE, and be hot at the same time....Lu Fisto (girl in the black hair) just ooozes those muscles.

Yes, this is scripted stuff.....but these girls still go through a pounding to do this sort of stuff.
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