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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

Zombieland: Okay, amusing but quite short. And why one lead character insists on using a double barrelled shot gun as his main weapon is a mystery. Two-shots and you have a slow reload. Zombies not really zombies, as they are still alive (yet of course do not attack each other or eat anything other than people it seems).

White Out: Either a non-thrilling thriller or a mostly actionless action movie. Easy to spot who the villain is right away. The opening segment removes parts of the mystery from the plot for the sake of an early action sequence. Characters have their lower faces exposed in what is supposed to be instant frostbite weather without suffering damage. Only decent things were Beckinsale in her underwear and in the shower. Almost worth a buck for that...can't imagine paying $9 to see the movie though. Fairly worthless movie, not like completely terrible, but just a non-entity that would never have been worth paying real money to watch.
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