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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

While I haven't been as productive on this project as I'd like, Christopher's mention on his blog has spurred me to post what I've done since October.

I've been playing around with hull details. These tend to be ephemeral, appearing and disappearing with my moods. I'll sketch out a new arrangement, save it, then come back days later and rip out the new stuff and start over.

The warp nacelles are also in a bit of flux. I've been trying to come up with a civilian look for the engines that reminds one of the Federation while looking distinct from Starfleet.

I think I'm getting warm with this nacelle. It's intended to evoke a locomotive, especially the front where the bussard blends into the nacelle. More detail is needed for this nacelle design ... the bussard blends directly into the rest of the mesh without any seams, for example. There are also no navigation lights, and the sides remain largely unfinished. I'm thinking of putting a translucent cylindrical structure into the recess at the bottom of the nacelle to represent the warp coils. Part of my reasoning for that is that a civilian vessel is less likely to see combat and thus, components that aren't serviceable from the inside anyway can be exposed directly to space where they might radiate heat better and come in at a lower mass. As this idea progresses, more and more of the warp drive might be opened up. I just have to balance that function against Christopher's desire for a streamlined ship.

I'm giving up on internal layouts for now. The work I've done to date convinces me I have enough room for everything important, and if I add a few doo-dads here and there, I have even more room to stick stuff.

Finally, with apologies to DEWLine, I've removed his name from the credits since this project is now distinct from his in everything but inspiration. I remain grateful for his early work and gracious invitation for competing designs.
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