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Re: The Battlestar Galacticafication of Stargate has began!

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It seems to be that an episode has to involve rushing around shooting things, or big explosions, for some people to think anything 'happened' in it.
You do realize that all of us, including the haters, are posting on a Star Trek forum, right? That we're all fans of quite possibly the slowest, talkiest, least action orientated sci-fi franchise ever made.
I don't think that's true of Star Trek, there's always been plenty of action in the Star Trek series.
There is some action, but the majority of TNG and DS9 (and a fair chunk of TOS) involved sitting around a table discussing the sociological or political issue of the week. Besides, the best episodes have always involved next to no action such as "The Inner Light", "City on the Edge of Forever", and "In the Pale Moonlight". Even starting a war in Deep Space Nine didn't up the action quota much.

Calling it the least action packed sci-fi show ever was probably wrong, but I was simply trying to point out the flaw in criticizing the attention span of a bunch of Trekkies. I doubt there's a single Trekkie alive who watches Star Trek for the cool explosions and awesome fight scenes.
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