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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

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Christianity in the time of Firefly is probably very different from current Christianity, likely with a lot of influences from Eastern religions due to the cultural melting pot that were the generational ships mankind used to reach their new home.
Certainly plausible. Just look at some of the mixture of Christianity and native faiths in certain parts of the world.

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But with the change in language and all that it's certainly possible.
What change? We basically seem to have English plus some truncated swear words and Mandarin phrases.
To be honest I wasn't even considering the language used in the show, but how language really does change. My best guess for Book's Christianity would be that it grew out of some breakaway sect of the Catholic church.
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After all, the protestant "pastor" hasn't been around that long, and just means shepherd.
Quite, but, you know, Catholics. He'd either be lay clergy (a priest) or a member of a religious order (a monk or friar).
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