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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

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somebody really should write Carlisle's story. Imagine being a doctor and a vampire in the middle of the flu epidemic of 1912(I think?) All these people dying around you, and youre trying to save them, youre undead yourself and you have a way to end their suffering, but would it really be ending their suffering? That could make an epic book(or movie.)
No one really cares about Bella and her forlorn lust.
Ok, maybe 14yr old girls but the "Twilight Moms" only care about the sex appeal not the dynamic. The quotes I read are about how hot Taylor or Robert are not who will Bella end up with.
Vampire fans like myself would rather read/see about Carlisle and the Volturi. That is where the meat of this universe lies. Granted what has made it to screen has made $$$ so its tough to not call it the meat as far as the bottom line is concerned. However, extending the longevity of this franchise would be served by fleshing out Carlisle and Volturi tales.
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