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eBook Readers

For a few months now I've been thinking about getting myself an eBook Reader. I've been thinking about a Kindle but until recently they haven't been available internationally, but the story about some book being deleted from people's Kindles after they'd bought them and the fact it would cost quite a bit in import fees on top of the price I'm not too keen on the Kindle now. But I've decided to treat myself to one for christmas and i'm trying to decide on which one to get.

In the last few weeks I've noticed Waterstone's have one of the Sony eReaders for £149 which tempted me, but it appears they don't have any way to expand the memory so you're limited to about 350mb on board.

Then I saw the Hanvon n516 for £119 (but it appears to have gone up since), but it appears that only works with .txt and .html files. So I guess that's out.

I think I've settled on getting the BeBook mini, it seems to support the most file formats as well as having a memory expansion slot and a free catalogue of 22,000 English language books.

So anyone got one? Opinions on which eBook readers are best? Or any advice on where to buy ebooks, cheapest or best place or places to get public domain and free book?
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