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Someone got the Antivirus Live virus on the work comp!! HELP!!!

I've gone on another computer to look for help with this stupid virus. All the help I've found is "download spy doctor, download malwarebytes, yada yada, go into safe mode and do this and do that", but the problem is, I CAN'T do anything. This virus won't let me boot into safe mode, it won't let me on the internet, won't let me system restore, nothing!!!

So how can I fix it?????

it's the manager's computer at work, and somebody got this thing. I've been trying to get it off for about a week now, and I was successful the first time, but now it's back and doesn't seem to want to go away this time.

the manager's gonna be pissed when she gets back from being sick and finds her computer doesn't work. lol

oh and the magical fix of malwarebytes program. I managed to do a scan with that and it said there were no infections found. ??????
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