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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

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somebody really should write Carlisle's story. Imagine being a doctor and a vampire in the middle of the flu epidemic of 1912(I think?) All these people dying around you, and youre trying to save them, youre undead yourself and you have a way to end their suffering, but would it really be ending their suffering? That could make an epic book(or movie.)
YES. YES. And more YES. I would most definitely read a book about Carlisle. I've said to my friends that if Meyer and Paolini had just ignored their "main" characters and simply written about their secondary characters, they would have actually had really interesting books. Well... at least the stories would be more interesting. The writing, well... One really has to wonder who their editors were, because methinks they should not be editors if they let crap writing like Eragon and Twilight onto the mass market.

And DigificWriter: Nowhere in my post did I use the word "fact". I was simply stating my own opinion, like many, many others have done on this board.

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