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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

All right, folks! Yet another reflection from Spock.

Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 10

Spock sat there, in silence. He had much to think about.

I did not expect her to open up to me that quickly…and yet…it was inevitable, was it not?

He now saw…that behind Ezri’s self confidence, and mischievous sense of humor…was a great deal of modesty, and humility. She clearly had no desire to be seen as a “larger-than-life” figure—she wished only to hold true to herself…and to those who depended on her.

And…it would seem that I now have my answer…as to why I had seen the hint of sadness within her.

Or…did he? Was that truly what it was…or was it something else entirely? After all, she had “opened up” to him relatively easily. She was all too aware of what she felt in this case. Perhaps…

No. I must not pry further into her personal affairs. This discovery was made by accident. It is best that it was…. I must not pry into what is not my concern.

Nonetheless…his fascination with this woman had only grown all the more. Spock thus resolved to learn as much about her as he could on this voyage. He also told himself that he must also, in return, be as open to Ezri Dax as possible. Logic would demand nothing else.

* * *
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