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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

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Well...I did a couple of tales before, focusing on Ezri. If you're interested, their titles are "The Cleanest Food To Find" (Set on DS9, shortly before the relaunch actually began) and "Of Power and Passion" (Set on the Aventine, a month before this tale).

Here are the links, respectively:

Enjoy! Oh, and...I just might have a couple more ideas coming up in time....
Thank for welcome and the links.
You're very welcome!

As for ideas, ever since I read the Destiny trilogy I too have had a couple of ideas nagging at me but I don't think I could do the characters justice. never know if you don't try.

I myself had a first few trial runs before I felt comfortable enough to post my tales here. Why not write'em up, and then refine them as time goes by--and then, when you feel right, you can post'em?

Just sayin'. Good luck!
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