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A question for the (lazy) cooks...good electric woks?

I've had an electric wok for almost 2 years, and thanks to an amateur mistake I've managed to mess up the non-stick coating. So, I'm looking to get a new one, but I'm thinking I can do better than the one I bought on, now that I have 2 years to know I'm actually going to use the thing, and frequently (typically once or twice a week). So, whatever I get needs to be durable as well as do a good job cooking.

I know a lot of you purists would use real woks, but I'm lazy and I don't want to go that route.

Where can I get something for a reasonable price, that works well? Any buyer testimonials from you guys?

Also, a related question...if you're using a wooden spoon (which is what I think I'm going to have to use from now on to not screw up the non-stick coating), how do you properly wash the thing to make sure all the residue and bacteria come out? How long can you keep one before it's not safe to use and you need to replace it?
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