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Re: Fringe: "Snakehead" 12/3/09 - Grading & Discussion

This episode was completely forgettable except for the interactions of Walter with Astrid and Peter. Noble really knocked it out of the park with his performance, and elevates even the crappiest freak of the week episode into something watchable. He nearly had me on the verge of tears twice, especially with his reaction to seeing Astrid's face after she was attacked.

I had really high hopes for this season delving more deeply into the mysteries of the alternate universe and Massive Dynamics on a regular basis, but it looks like they're still doing so only in the piecemeal way it was brought up in the first season.

It's going to get tiresome if the majority of eps are still X-Files knock-offs next season as well. I think they need to decide on a path and move in that direction with more assertiveness than trying to mix-up the standalone and arc based episodes so much. Except for the hint that the funders of the parasitic squidworm were big and secretive, this episode didn't even have anything to do with "The Pattern."

Regardless of my misgivings about the types of plots used the episodes, other than that the actors, dialogue, action, and music are all top-notch and some of the best on TV. I think they just need to move away from the X-Files model and chart their own course.
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