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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

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Archer, while admittedly not Kirk, was a solid leader figure.
Archer came across as a boy playing with daddy's toys. If that had been the intent it would have been an interesting if unusual choice; but the writers kept on trying to tell us how great a captain he was without much evidence to support the assertion. It grated very quickly.

Phlox was especially interesting. I liked the irony of a reserved tactical chief in Reed who gets extra points for being British.
Fair enough.

Hoshi wasn't too interesting, but was much more so than Zoe.
Perhaps slightly, by virtue of increased exposure. Nothing inherent to the character or the way she was used was particularly noteworthy.

T'Pol was a rehash of Spock/Tuvok and 7 of 9, but those were all interesting characters, and thus she was also,
Eh. T'Pol had a few moments but as you say, she brought little to the table that we hadn't seen before.

far more so than Kaylee,
Whereas it's fair to say that I had never seen a character quite like Kaylee before. Oh, I might have compared her to Willow, but I hadn't seen Buffy at the time, so that doesn't count.

And yeah, Trip was pretty darn cool.

Again, I'll grant that Mayweather was dull, but not more so than Wash.
There isn't even a comparison. For all that Wash was under-developed, at least he had a character. Mayweather was a glorified extra for all the development he got. Travis got maybe half an episode per year; Wash got a leading part in "War Stories", and a healthy presence in many of the other episodes.

Can you recall a single line Travis ever said? I can't. (Partially because there are only seven lines to choose from.) But I can recall plenty of Wash lines. Aside from the infamous "betrayal" bit, there were a bunch of other great ones:

"Hey, I've been in a firefight before! .....Well, I was in a fire. ....Actually, I was fired. From a fry-cook opportunity."

"Some people juggle geese!"

"Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion."
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