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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

I didn't really have a dislike to any of the characters, some I liked more then others, sure but I found something to like in each character. Simon is touching, in that he sacrificed everything to rescue his sister, or at the very least to get her out of where she was, with no plan as to how else he could protect her. In other words, even if it came to their deaths, he was willing to do it, so long as she died outside of that horrible place. As someone who does not get along with his sister, and often sees a sibling rivalry on TV, this was a nice, refreshing chance and said loads of what kind of person Simon is from the get go.

I liked River, because she was rather odd, something about her just sat with me. Odd characters are interesting to me sometimes, and the fact that one minute shes sane and then the next shes babbling non nonsensical words and facts no one else needed just sold it for me. I think the core problem with her character was, her storyline wasn't supposed to kick off until the end of season one/throughout season two and as we all know...we didn't even get a full season one.

Jayne was great, because at first glance, he's a bonehead, who cares for money and kicking ass but a closer look shows he cares for his shipmates, even if he's at odds with them. These types of characters are usually flat and dumb, and thats it, they are often fodder or if not the ones to totally frak things up.

Book is similar to River, his storyline was to take off, and be explored in depth later on into the series, but we never got a later on in the series. This makes the character extremely questionable and not very developed, which is a shame.

Kaylee...what can I say? Definitely one of my favorites why? She didn't talk in a large amount of technobabble, and she was a chick who knew her way around an engine room. Kaylee also had a sort of playful attitude and tried to find something good in everyone and took pride in her ship in a way that makes me think of Montgomery Scott. This in my eyes, sets the path for a great character, and her fears and weaknesses are oftne shown to the front, depending on the situation. She's not a solider and in combat situations (of any sort) this is made clear when she's obviously not certain of herself. A great change in the oftne seen "lets kill everyone and not blink an eye!" type of characters.

Inara...hmmm...I suppose, I could say she was the least, because she just wasn't seen alot, and seemed to go out of her way to be mean to people at times. There were several moments in the series, where I applauded Mal's responses to her, as she needed to be put in her place, but on the other hand she brought a sense of family into the crew, she felt something for everyone whether she said it or not. While she would complain about a lack oppertunities, I often found that this meant she wanted to be a part of the crew, not a stranger who rented one of the shuttles. I think my owly beef with this character, was the episode...'shindig' I think it was, I would have found it much more powerful if she had been forced out of her...organization, as it were, as the guy who threatened so, did have the kind of connections to see to it her life took a downward spiral. me, she had the face of someone who saw to much death, and was now numb to the universe around her, save for two people Mal, and Wash. Other then that, she felt nothing, and saw nothing (not to say she actually hated the crew, she was warm to them for sure). Zoe seems to me, to be someone who lost it all, and isn't dealing with it to well.

Wash I like, because he has a playful attitude, and I just love the characters introduction, playing with dinosaurs as he awaits the crew to come back to the ship. I think Wash is someone else who definitly suffers from the series being axed, which is a shame, really. Wash to be, is someone who didn't sacrifice as much (in terms of the series, anyways), just had some bad luck in his life (possibly), and was looking for adventure and excitment in a boring life.

Now we have Mal, Mal. I think he's one of the greats, becuase he lost all he had to lose, and found a way to keep going. All he cares about is staying out of the Alliances' way and just getting by. He will protect a member of the crew, simply because they are as such, nothing more, nothing less. One of my favorite moments is between him and Simon after Simon and River were rescued, Simon asked why they came back and Mal's answer, was simply, "you are part of my crew" (more or less). I was also fond of the father/bother like figure he had towards Kayless and genuinely felt bad about the blunders he had towards her (the most prominent that I can think of, is when he insulted her on her wishes to own that dress). Mal had an interesting sense of morality, and a way of dealing with people like Book while at the same time he hated the idea of religion (fans of the series will have an idea why). I don't know, I can't really describe in words of this guy, like I can with others. Mal.
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