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Re: Do you watch the same stuff over and over?

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Not really. There's far too many great shows to watch and not nearly enough time to watch them all to spend time re-watching shows you've already seen.

I will rewatch stuff occasionally, but generally I prefer to watch something new.

I'm single and work at home so I don't lose any hours to travel time or argue over who gets to watch what and other distractions. LOL :>)) Also, I take great advantage of rewatchigng stuff over the winter break and during the summer. During the regular TV season I have generally a minimum of 5 hours of tv recorded a night, and often a lot more, spread across two DVR's. The only nights of tv I have less than 5 are saturday and sunday. So suring the regular TV season not a lot of rewatching going on but there is a bit on occassion. But during the winter break and summer I watch old DVD's all the time and try and pick up new shows on DVD to watch.
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