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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

Apart from Mal, the Tams and maybe Book, I thought they were all pretty terrible. They actually average to less than the Enterprise crew in my eyes, and I found that crew the least interesting of all the Treks.

Truth be told, I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a show I liked that had worse characters, though in fairness, I don't like Firefly. Zoe and Wash were perfect for each other in that each was blander than the other. Jayne was a moron. Kaylee's name makes me think "porn star" every time, and she often acts like a porn star trying to be giggly, though she does that fairly well. Inara was as bland as the married couple, though she at least had an interesting face. River isn't really interesting either, I just like the rescuing-older-sibling dynamic.

That makes two good characters (Mal and Simon), one okay one (Book) and six lame ones. Even Enterprise only really had one clunker in Mayweather, and there it was as much the actor as the character.

The draws for the show and movie were Mal, the Tam story, the setting and the writing. Along with the meandering story, the characters were its biggest setback.
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