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Icarus Class NX-300

This ship is now named after the son of Daedalus, as the ship is derived from advances made after the Daedalus. can't change the thread title though

This ship is supposed to be much older than the Augusta, and about 1/2 the size. Sort of an in between from the Daedalus to the Constitution. I would imagine a top speed of no more than warp 6. The ship was taken out of service, because of it's vulnerability to heat.

I'm actually quite fond of the design, and it needs a bit of work. After I'm done, I'm going to try to make a bigger, more refined verson. I'm trying to make this one look a bit clunky, as it is supposed to be an early prototype. The later version will probably be mostly a kitbash of my Augusta.

here's more pictures. Lowered the neck, added sensor dome, added bridge, made the model a few shades darker.

Here's the kiray with a Daedalus mockup

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