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Re: A Two-Thirds 33 inch Enterprise

So yesterday I went to show a friend the comparison shots of my model and found that I hadn't posted them here (which was the easiest thread to find on someone else's system)... sorry about the over sight.

I've been planning out a future second attempt at this model. I figured the best way to evaluate how I did on this one was to set the model side by side with the original 33 inch model (or at least some of the images we have of that model). Even though this type of comparison tends to highlight the shortcomings of my modeling skills, I figure each new build should learn from the mistakes of the previous ones.

Some of the angles don't match up exactly, but they should be good enough for comparison purposes. And the shots of the 33 inch model are from throughout it's production life, but the overall physical shape of the model didn't really change much (other than after it was dropped between the second and third seasons... which effected the nacelle alignment).

I figured as long as I had put the images together, I may as well share them. And I think looking at them I've come up with some good strategies for improving on this one (beyond just improving my basic model building skills).
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