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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

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For me it's Zoe. I never quite bought her chemistry with Wash until it was too late (her last few scenes in Serenity are terrific) and overall she never quite gelled with the rest of the characters, IMO. Nothing to do with the actress---I think all the show's actors were really great, but something about the writing just didn't click properly for me. Do you love all nine of 'em, or is there one you can single out as "least favorite?" Even if only a little.
I have to go with Zoe as well. She never got fleshed out compared to the other characters — even the ones like Book and River that they were trying to keep mysterious — and as a result, came across as a bit 2D. No negative reflection on Gina Torres; I enjoyed her portrayal. I think if Firefly had had a longer run than 14 episodes, one movie, and two comic book miniseries, we'd have eventually seen some more background for Zoe beyond "Mal's right hand."

And honestly, asking who's my least favorite Firefly character is like asking what's my least favorite flavor of ice cream.
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