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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Hi, guys. I'd like to do a post on my new blog about this thread, and I wanted to ask if anyone had any objection to me posting or linking to your Needle pictures there.

Meanwhile, I've been sent a new design sketch by a person who used to post here as Arkady but who no longer has an account here. With his permission, I'm posting his preliminary version here.

I think it's a pretty nice design. Apparently he's posted this on a couple of other boards as a "Marathon Class transport," but he tells me he created it to be a Needle design. He had the following comments:
One idea I think i tossed in the sketch notes was an escape system. Somenone, maybe yourself, mentioned in the TrekBBS thread about either seperating compartments or installing an escape pod somewhere in the ship. But what about seperating the forward part of the hull itself? For example, there's a segment just in front of the airlock between that part of the hull and the rest of the bridge area. One thought was that was actually the lifeboat section, driven by a smaller set of impulse units (part of those being visible as the fairings on the lower part of the forward section. In an emergency the rest of the hull would be explosively seperated from the rest of the vessel.
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